Commercial and Family Childcare Insurance

When you own or operate a commercial or family childcare center, parents give you the responsibility of protecting their most precious assets. But how can you protect your business’s financial assets without daycare insurance ? After all, accidents happen. Sometimes, the smallest mistake can lead to a severe or even life-threatening situation – and, one harmful accusation could ruin your entire livelihood. You need to prepare yourself for the worst possible outcome. Get a childcare insurance quote today.

commercial childcare centers

Commercial Childcare Centers

When you own a commercial daycare center, you are liable for more than just the safety of the children. You are also liable for the actions of your employees, and if they make one little mistake, you will be held accountable. Make sure you have the proper daycare insurance to protect your business.

family childcare centers

Family Childcare Centers

If you provide childcare services in your home, you should think again. A homeowner’s policy might protect you from the losses incurred by a fire or flood, but what if the child you are watching jumps off the playground slide and breaks his arm? His parents may feel inclined to sue you for neglect – and for coverage of the hospital bills.

  • Better Rates

    We’re a family- owned business with children of our own. That means we share the value you place on top-quality childcare. We work tirelessly to save you money, even offering bundled business and personal insurance to help you get great rates.

  • Better Protection

    Do you ever worry about your bottom line? We get it- because we’re business owners, too. That’s why we’ve done in-depth research about the various risks you face, so that you can be confident in the comprehensive coverage of your policy.

  • Added Bonus of Employee Coverage

    You’re not the only one at risk when it comes to childcare accidents. And that’s not something you want your staff losing sleep over. We believe that everyone on your team should feel safe every day- and that means covering your employees, too.


About Us

Daycare Defender – like the name suggests – is an insurance company that protects (and defends) commercial and in-home daycare providers across the nation. Daycare Defender is a one-stop-shop for all of your insurance or financial planning needs, offering a wide range of products and services created specifically for commercial or in-home childcare providers.

Daycare Defender is family-owned and operated. Priding itself on quality customer service, O’Donovan Insurance, LLC, Daycare Defender’s parent company, ensures that each policyholder – whether an individual, small family or business, or large corporation – is insured for every risk

Daycare Insurance Agents

We offer many different types of childcare insurance, including:

general liability daycare insurance

General Liability Insurance

Under general liability insurance, your daycare will be protected from any claims of bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage.

childcare abuse insurance

Abuse & Molestation Insurance

In most cases, accusations of abuse and molestation against childcare providers turn out to be completely false. However, you can still spend thousands of dollars in legal costs trying to defend your business and reputation.

daycare commercial auto insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to be sued for a child’s injury in a car accident while out on a field trip or transporting them to or from school – even if the accident is not your fault.

daycare umbrella insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an essential addition to primary liability policies because it protects you against large, devastating liability claims.

daycare property insurance

Property Insurance

Property insurance is designed to cover the items you own in the event of any minor or major damage, from rough play to severe weather.

daycare employment practices liability

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment practices liability is a specialized type of insurance designed to protect your company from revengeful or overly-litigious employees.

daycare workers compensation

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In almost every state, the law requires that workers’ compensation must be obtained for all employees, whether you own a family or commercial daycare.

daycare financial services

Other Financial Services

We offer other financial services to the childcare industry through Christopher Oxenham, a registered representative of Securities America

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