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Summer Safety Tips for Kids at Your Daycare Center

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After being cooped up during what seemed like a never-ending winter, kids across the U.S. are finally ready to head outdoors.
But outdoor activities come with a laundry list of potential injuries and accidents. Do you and your employees have a list of summer safety tips for kids to help keep everyone protected?

(1) Beware prolonged sun exposure.

How bad is the UV index in your area? Allowing children to go outside without sunscreen for even a few minutes could pose a major health risk. Apply UVA/UVB-protective sunscreen approximately 15 to 30 minutes before children head outdoors, and then reapply it every two hours. Encourage parents to provide hats to help protect children’s necks and faces from the sun. If possible, schedule outdoor activities either before noon or after 4 p.m., when the sun’s rays aren’t as strong.

(2) Avoid dangerous insects.

Do you know what kinds of dangerous insects will be prevalent in your area this summer? Apply the appropriate insect repellent to children’s exposed skin, and reapply whenever they notice a bug bite. Be on the lookout for ticks, which tend to appear in bendable body parts such as the back of the knees and behind the ear. If a child experiences an allergic reaction to a bite, call 911 and seek professional medical attention immediately.

(3) Help prevent cuts and bruises.

Has one of your children ever experienced an injury at the playground? The best way to prevent cuts and bruises is to show children how to use jungle gyms and other equipment safely. Make sure you have at least one employee for each set of three children who are playing outside. Keep emergency contact information for each child handy in the event that a child does hurt himself or herself while having fun on the playground.

Daycare Defender and Summer Safety Tips for Kids

You and your employees always try your best to prevent summer injuries and accidents with our summer safety tips for kids. But sometimes even with these seasonal safety tips, you can’t prevent every possible danger. Daycare insurance could boost your confidence in your business’s ability to withstand financial losses associated with medical expenses and other accidents.

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