Frequently Asked Questions

All of the most common questions answered and then some. If we missed something please feel free to contact us

Insurance for childcare providers is extremely important because there are many things that could pose risks to your business’ health, including accidents, dangerous accusations, and lawsuits. Whether you are concerned about not being covered for abuse allegations or being liable for employee misconduct, Daycare Defender can provide the necessary insurance policies for you.
General liability insurance protects you from any claims of property damage, personal injury, or bodily injury. Commonly called the “Slip and Fall” insurance, this policy can protect you if injuries himself on your premises.
Abuse and molestation insurance protects you from the legal costs of a lawsuit, criminal, or civil charge against you, your staff, and your company. While typically such allegations are false, the cost of defending yourself can deplete your business’ finances.
Commercial auto insurance protects you from claims regarding bodily injury or property damage following a car accident in a vehicle associated with your daycare center.
Property insurance protects your personal or business property from any minor or major damage, whether from the children in your care or severe weather.
Employment practices liability insurance protects you from any lawsuits filed against you or your company for alleged duplicitous employment practices, including wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other related claims.
Workers’ compensation insurance protects your employees from any injury they suffered – whether disability, disfigurement, or disease – while being employed by you.
Umbrella insurance is an additional policy that protects you from any catastrophic legal costs that you may incur. This policy was designed to cover all of the aforementioned policies so that you will never be in danger of losing all of your finances.
Yes, Daycare Defender does provide other financial services through our parent company, O’Donovan Insurance LLC. We can provide you with such services as financial and retirement planning, investing and annuities, creating college funds, managing assets and wealth, disability income insurance, and long-term care strategies.