Pool Safety for Famil Child Care Providers

3 Swimming Safety Tips for Family Child Care Providers

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Family child care providers are embracing summer, happy to let their children enjoy the outdoors.

But one of the most popular summer activities – swimming – can also be one of the most dangerous. According to PoolSafely.gov, there were 174 media-reported child drownings between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2014.

Keep these three swimming safety tips in mind and share them with your employees, too.

Top 3 Swimming Safety Tips for Family Child Care Providers this Summer

  1. Outfit Children with Floatation Devices

    Failure to stay afloat can be a major contributor to child drownings. Do you have a working floatation device for each child? Kids weighing 90 pounds or less should be outfitted with floatation devices such as life vests. Also, ask your team of family child care providers to place supplemental floatation tools such as kickboards and noodles in the pool, and keep at least one life preserver available on the deck.

  2. Set Depth Limits Specific to Each Child

    Older children are typically stronger swimmers and may be able to withstand greater depths. Even so, you should take major precautions when allowing children into the pool. Make sure that pool depths are appropriate for every child, blocking off any areas that are too deep to be safe for everyone. It is possible for children to drown in as little as a foot or less of water, and you never want to overestimate a child’s ability to stay afloat.

Ensure Adequate Adult Supervision at All Times

It could take as little as a few seconds for a child’s head to become submerged and the drowning process to begin. In addition to taking the precautions listed above, make sure there is at least one employee supervisor for every three kids who are in the pool area. Adult supervision by your team of family child care providers could make all the difference in saving a child from drowning, or even responding quickly to other potential poolside injuries.

Additional Swimming Safety Tips

Being outdoors between peak daylight hours of 10 AM and 4 PM could increase children’s vulnerability to sunburn and insect bites. Make sure each child applies waterproof sunblock with UVA/UVB protection and reapplies it at least every two hours. Also, because pool surfaces can often be slippery, encourage parents to send children to daycare with appropriate footwear, including sandals or flip-flops with good tread.

For more swimming safety tips, visit the PoolSafely website.

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