Who Needs Insurance for Daycare ?

Whether you offer childcare services in your home or own a commercial daycare center, Daycare Defender can provide you with the best insurance for daycare available.


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Not only are we committed to protecting your business from all devastating financial losses, but all of the insurance policies that we offer were designed specifically with daycare providers in mind.

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Commercial Childcare Insurance for Daycare

Commercial Childcare Centers

When you own a commercial daycare center, you are liable for more than just the safety of the children. You are also liable for the actions of your employees, and if they make one little mistake, you will be held accountable.

Want even worse news? You could also be sued for what one child does to another.

That is why Daycare Defender has designed specific insurance for daycare operations, as well as an expansive umbrella policy. No matter what accidents occur – or what incidents you have been accused of – we will protect you from devastating losses that may ensue.

Family Childcare Insurance for Daycare

Family Childcare Centers

If you provide childcare services in your home, you should think again.

A homeowner’s policy might protect you from the losses incurred by a fire or flood, but what if the child you are watching jumps off the playground slide and breaks his arm? His parents may feel inclined to sue you for neglect – and for coverage of the hospital bills.

Specifically designed for small childcare businesses, Daycare Defender insurance for daycare, covers all reasonable medical expenses up to your explicit limit, plus protects you from devastating legal fees if you are sued for damages.

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Daycare Defender provides top-quality insurance policies and financial planning services in over 20 states. Each policy is designed to match your unique business.

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