Commercial Childcare Centers

When you own or operate a commercial or in-home childcare center, parents give you the responsibility of protecting their most precious assets. But how can you protect your business’s financial assets without child care insurance?


A standard liability policy isn’t enough…

When you own a commercial daycare center, you are liable for more than just the safety of the children. You are also liable for the actions of your employees, and if they make one little mistake, you will be held accountable.

Want even worse news? You could also be sued for what one child does to another.

That is why Daycare Defender has designed specific child care insurance policies for childcare operations, as well as an expansive umbrella policy. No matter what accidents occur – or what incidents you have been accused of – we will protect you from devastating losses that may ensue.

Can you afford an attorney?

Let’s say one of your childcare employees gets in a car accident while on the way to the children’s field trip. Not only would our commercial auto insurance be of need then, but also the children’s parents might sue your business for trauma and/or medical fees.

Or what if you accidentally give a kid the wrong medication? In a split second, the future of your company could flash before you.

Unfortunately, there is incident after incident that could happen to the children in your care.

In most cases, false allegations and legal fees are what drive a childcare provider out of business – not the alleged incident itself. With Daycare Defender, the costs of a legal defense are included in our child care insurance policies, meaning that you will never have to worry about tracking down – or paying for – a lawyer.

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