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When you own or operate a commercial or in home childcare center, parents give you the responsibility of protecting their most precious assets. But how can you protect your business’s financial assets without family childcare insurance?


Think your homeowner’s policy will cover you?

If you provide childcare services in your home, you should think again.

A homeowner’s policy might protect you from the losses incurred by a fire or flood, but what if the child you are watching jumps off the playground slide and breaks his arm? His parents may feel inclined to sue you for neglect – and for coverage of the hospital bills.

Specifically designed for small childcare businesses, Daycare Defender family childcare insurance covers all reasonable medical expenses up to your explicit limit, plus protects you from devastating legal fees if you are sued for damages.

family childcare insurance

Protect yourself from destructive personal accusations, too

For many childcare providers, abuse and molestation insurance seems unnecessary because they know that they will never abuse a child. But if an accusation is made, you could spend thousands of dollars in legal costs trying to defend your business and reputation.

And what if one of the children you watch abuses another child? Far from “kids just being kids,” this type of abuse can lead to legal action from both sets of parents – leaving you to pay the bills. Unless, of course, you have insurance.

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